Q1. How many brazilian hair can make a full head?

A: 8"-14":2bundles; 16"-26":3bundles; 28"-32":4bundles or more.

Q2. Is this hair virgin unprocessed? could I color this hair?

A: yes,the hair cut from one donor with full culticle aligned,no acid bath,natural unprocessed in natural color.The natural color 1b virgin hair can be dyed,restyled,bleached,ironed.

Q3. How long does it last?

A: It depends on how you maintain it. treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it,then mormally could last longer more than 1 years.

Q4. Why are my extension Extensions getting tangled?

A: Shampoo your extensions.Sweat and dirt cause tangles,dry hair also cause tangle,so pls keep wash and condition your hair regularly.Slowly wet your hair while taking a shower.Use a mild Shampoo and lather your hair in a downward motion.

Q5. How Long is the Processing and shipment time?

A: When the payment receivedmwe will ship the goods within 24hours after the check the payment,Shipment will takes 2-4days.

Q6. What is the Return/Exchange policy

A: All returns will be considered on a case by case basis.All hair must be in the original packing with all labels still attached.Unraveled or Used or the artificial damage bundles could not be returned or exchange


*** DO NOT ***
** DO NOT use oil based products
** DO NOT sleep with your hair wet
** DO NOT comb while wet
** DO NOT use cheap,rough,harsh products for washing,styling or conditioning your tresses.
** DO NOT use hair dryer but let it air dry after washing.

*** DO ***
** Always sleep with your stresses tied up in a bun/twist/braid..w/silk/satin wrapping

** Use a good and clean vent brush on your tresses or wide tooth comb

** To comb tresses out,start from the end and then step by step move upward to the bases

** Comb out thoroughly before shampooing

** Shampoo in mild warm water

** Gently shampoo tresses in 1 direction

** Always wash VIRGIN HAIR with moisturizing shampoo and comditioner and a good leave-in conditioner.